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I cannot wait to send you some extra LOVE each and every month! From my favourite fashion trends, amazing recipes, fun adventures you may wish to embark on, advice on how more love into Your life and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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How I stay balanced

Ask Anna / Health & Fitness
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We all have super busy schedules these days and I have found it very important to take some time out and just “chill”. Especially on the days where I am racing from work to media engagements and post-work functions, it can be difficult to find even a minute to just breathe slowly. I am a big believer in taking a bit of time out to relax on the weekends too. They fly by so quickly so it is important to make the most of them by being with the people you love. These are a few of the little things that I like to do to bring a little bit of zen back into my life.


Eating Out

There is something super comforting about getting a warming drink and being greeted by the friendly staff at your favourite local spot. During the week, instead of getting takeaway and rushing to my next engagement, I try to incorporate at least one or two proper coffee stops a week so I am in the moment and enjoying the time to myself.

On the weekends, I love to visit my fav food spots and feast on something delicious with friends, family or Tim. The Depot Bondi is a one of my top spots, my go-to dish is the outstanding grilled chicken and halloumi salad. Jackies in Paddington has a fusion menu with some delicious Japanese dishes amongst the other signature feasts. The mushrooms at Jackies will make your mouth water. Another one to add to you list to visit in Bondi is Trio, which has fabulous coffee and brunch food too. Indigo Double Bay is another one of go-to lunch spots and there is plenty on the menu to pick from. If you want something delicious and healthy, try the paleo superhash breakfast with avo at About Life in Bondi or Double Bay.

Sweet Treats

As I stick to a pretty healthy food regime, when I am super busy I try to not let this go out of balance too. Dark chocolate however is one of the my sweet escapes which I like to reward myself with at the end of the day. A cup of green tea, some dark choccy and some sliced up apple is a great ‘pick me up’ right when I need it. In my handbag (along with a change of heels and my fav lippy) I like to bring a little snack pack. I change what is in it but usually it has nuts and veggies. There is always a little extra room in my tummy for a cookie or treat. One of my favs is Bennett Street Dairy in Bondi which has the best cookies and coffee combo!



It doesn’t need to be Pilates or Spin class but try to get yourself to your local gym class, park or even onto the yoga mat in your lounge room. If I feeling more energetic, I will do some of the Tim Robards Method program or I will do a class at Fitness First. The important thing is to give yourself time out from the hustle and bustle of all your commitments. I love to do the Bondi to Bronte walk with friends on the weekends and even by myself if I need to wind down. Centennial Park is a picturesque and refreshing walk too. If you are lucky enough to live close by to one of these walks, make sure you appreciate the good opportunity and go for a frolic. Always keep up your fluids especially if you are being active and keeping busy. There is nothing worse than feeling slow and dehydrated!


Get Away

I’ve been on a few little quick trips away to Queenstown, Melbourne and Scone recently. Getting out of the Sydney buzz can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. In Queenstown we had such a blast skiing, dining out, relaxing in the spa and horse riding. With AirBnB and so many holiday deals on booking websites out there, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to have a weekend away or turn it into a long weekend escape. When picking somewhere to go, trust your gut and choose somewhere which looks like a fun escape (mine usually involves the beach or some physical activity). Sunshine does wonders for me as well so now that spring is here, think about where you could get some extra Vitamin D!

Get enough zzzzz’s

A proper nights sleep and a quick power nap in the day  (especially before a big function) can do wonders to help me to chill out. When we are super busy, our automatic solution is often to cut down on sleep. I find this often makes me more exhausted the next day so it is not actually the best outcome at all. Getting my beauty sleep makes keeping my life in balance a lot easier.

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives but these are a few of my tips for how I like to wind down.I have always prided myself on maintaining a balanced life because I know the importance of it. What do you like to do?

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