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I cannot wait to send you some extra LOVE each and every month! From my favourite fashion trends, amazing recipes, fun adventures you may wish to embark on, advice on how more love into Your life and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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In a world where 9-5 does not exist, it’s important to enjoy downtime with all those peo-ple you love…which is why Tim and I crammed all our summer bits and bobs (bikinis and board shorts, of course) into our suitcases for a trip with the fam to celebrate mum’s 60th birthday in Europe. Yep, as I’m writing this i’m staring out at the San Gemini (1 hour from Rome) sky, sipping on a cocktail and feeling very Carrie Bradshaw takes Italy (which is never a bad thing).

So far, our trip has been full of all the things you secretly despise “liking” on your traveller friend’s ‘gram – delicious pizzas in Positano, sunsets in Sorrento and lots of R&R by the pool. As mentioned above, we started off in Positano aka the coast’s most photogenic town. Staying at the Villa Boheme Positano Luxury Suites (which were to die for!) we lazed on daybeds with picturesque views, before trawling the pebbly streets for a good, after-noon gelato (which is basically on every street corner in this incredible spot).

We then headed to Sorrento (which, I now know,  is the birthplace for Limoncello #amazing). It was a chance to kick back and unwind before heading to Capri to meet my parents. Then, we all packed our bags and headed to San Gemini, where the 60th birthday celebrations commenced… I’m not-so-secretly hoping hangovers are a lit-tle more forgiving while taking in Insta-worthy views #justsaying.

One thing that I usually despise as much as a hangover, is packing for a vacay (anyone with me on this?) This time around though, I was determined to get organised early which was essential for a trip such as this. Here are the five things I couldn’t travel without:



Superga shoes: Let’s just say, they’re not the people’s shoes of Italy for nothing! Given their tagline, I thought it fitting to pack my classic canvas kicks to provide support whilst trekking around town for the perfect aperitif.



Meli Melo tan bag: Chic yet practical, my Meli Melo bag is a year-round luxury basic (and the perfect hand candy to travel with). Not only does it carry everything but the kitchen sink, it’s completely versatile and easy to tote from beach to bar.



Samsonite suitcase: Personally, I’d find it almost impossible to travel without my trusty hard-covered case. Not only is the iconic design the strongest of its kind, the luggage itself is incredibly light (despite cramming in all those last-minute heels).




Olympus camera: Whilst my trusty iPhone usually does the job, there’s something very #holiYAY about having an actual, physical camera to take crystal-clear shots with (espe-cially when capturing each and every square inch of these charming towns).


Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis (oh, and cute summer throws): It’s time to swap those boots for bikinis guys, because that’s all you’ll be wearing during a European summer! Pack as many ‘kinis as you possibly can for your poolside escapades (and throw on a lightweight summer dress for those moments you need to…which is basically, never).

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  • Avatar Avril Pryor says:

    Thank You Anna. Your website is great and full of fabulous tips and information. Your stories are inspiring and seeing you and Tim so happy and in love brings joy to so many people through your amazing photos you share with your fans.
    Avril Xo

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