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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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Rainy, thundery, blustery… yep, winter’s reared its ugly head and its torrential (literally! Who wants to go outside in this weather?) And whilst the mere thought of sifting through your chill-appropriate wardrobe probably gives you bigger chills, the humble Winter coat is here to save the day (and en-sure you never miss a Sunday brunch again due to nothing-to-wear syndrome). Although I heart Summer, deep down, every girl loves the knee-high boots, oversized shirts and snuggly knits the cooler months allow you to drag out. Casual Fridays suddenly go from summer dresses + sandals to rough and tough leather jackets paired with your boyfriend jeans because, well, comfort + warmth = efficiency (especially when its icy). So without further adieu (and whilst your tea’s still warm), here’s a look at my top five coats this winter (warning: you might want to buy all of them).



Godwin Charli – Structured yet cosy, Godwin Charli’s tailoring is often considered a “work of art” and you can see why with this luxe modern-classic coat. While the jacket is form-fitting, it still allows you to layer easily and effortlessly (minus the bulk), with its high neck providing extra protection from the winter chill… aka, leave your scarf at home.



C&M (Camilla and Marc) – One of my favourite Aussie brands of all time, this Camilla and Marc coat is both contemporary yet effortlessly elegant (much like their entire brand). And whilst its incredibly hard to drag yourself away from Netflix/chill when its raining outside, this coat is the #1 outfit-saver, pairing perfectly with that LBD you know is winter-inappropriate. Bonus points on the trenchy length, which provides an impeccable silhouette when paired with knee-high/thigh-high boots.



Godwin Charli – Ok, so I love this brand so much I just couldn’t stop at one (but who could blame me?) While its very easy to fall victim to dark hues in winter (hello holy grail – black, navy, grey, char-coal), this coat allows your to warm up the wardrobe with a more neutral hue and one of my fa-vourite trends for Winter  – camel, camel and more camel. Adding a bit of depth to your all-black ensemble, the now-classic camel coat’s complimenting hue makes it the perfect outfit-top-per.



Rodeo Show – Contemporary yet somewhat eclectic, Rodeo Show’s Winter Capeket (aka what some are affectionately calling the jacket + cape fusion), fuses its signature boho charm and fash-forward edge into one. Moving away from the less-structured cape of 2015, this latest trend’s tailoring moves away from “fad” and closer to “must-have” as it spruces up your common list of winter sta-ples. I especially love the length and texture of this piece, as its one that can move from meetings at work to meetings with friends with absolute ease.



Witchery – Who said winter hues had to be boring and repetitive? Not Witchery, that’s for sure. Pull-ing out a pop of colour for its cooler collection, this coat’s candy-coloured hue makes it an absolute game-changer for all that buy (especially when all-black everything, is all that you own). Surprisingly, despite its blush tone, this coat doesn’t limit you wardrobe choices (which means you should proba-bly start controversially colour-blocking with patterns/hues that don’t usually co-exist!)

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  • Han says:

    Anna, can i ask what boots you are wearing in these Photos? They are gorgeous!

  • Lisa says:

    Are your Wittner boots this season? If so, do you know the style? They are the perfect ankle boot!

  • Annaleisa Gedoun says:

    Anna, I’m actually looking for a good quality black leather jacket. Do you have any suggestions as to a good brand?? I love the contemporary look.
    Thanks in advance!

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