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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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Finishing the chrissy shopping: gifts for him

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As I get close to the end of my Christmas shopping list, there are always a few final presents for the boys which I need to think about. Buying for men is never that easy! There is a reason why there are websites and gift lists dedicated to many different types of men. Us women often find them so super hard to buy the perfect gift for (not any more though!!)


Gifts for the sporty man

The sporty man is usually someone who has a dedicated cupboard to their sporting attire already.  He may be one who loves going to the gym or is getting rig-ready doing the The Robards Method. These men are the active go-getters who will be able to actually use the sporty items and look good wearing them. Anything Nike is usually a winner in my world so a singlet is a perfect stocking filler.

An iconic book can be a great idea as these boys love to revel and learn more about their favourite activity and sporting legends.

The fitbit craze is still here so a gold-class fit bit could be just what Santa brings to a few lucky men.

Of course a towel is a little on the safe side, at least it is something I know Tim will use (and it will stop him from stealing mine to go down to the beach).

A pair of Le Specs is another easy option if he loves the beach or getting outdoors on the weekends. Instead of buying super expensive sunglasses, it can be great to buy a new pair  for the car / going-out so there isn’t a huge risk factor involved with losing them.


Gifts for the traveler

The global traveler is someone who doesn’t keep their feet firmly on the ground in one state for very long. Whether they are travelling for work or have caught the adventurous travel bug in search of love – these items will be handy in their suitcase. A Hugo Boss travel wallet is a great gift as the travelers are always looking to update their wallet and this compact size means they wont be tempted to take all of their cards away with them.

Mum’s always know how to fill up the santa sacks with socks and jocks, but there is serious merit in this! The Armani trunks will fold easily into a travel case and allows for one less rush to the Laundromat.

The globe cufflinks are a cute gift and could look super cute if you buy some plane tickets away too. The hard part will be deciding where to go!

The 36 hours in Europe is a book I actually have on my own wish list after a friend told me about it. A travel book can serve as a great clue that you want to go travelling with your partner/brother/friend soon (I guess I’ll be stocking up on this one).

Everyone seems to be talking about Aesop at the moment. The Jet Set travel pack is a great addition toiletry bag of any male (boys often end up having to buy all these items at the other end otherwise!).

Gifts for the domesticated man

Ah the loving family man who often knows his away around a kitchen or can appreciate homely gifts. The Bourke Street Bakery cook book will keep him busy in the kitchen for hours and you can sign yourself for taste testing duties.

An Aesop soap kit is something you can benefit from too (the best type of present right?). A delicious scented candle can add some lovin’ to their house too. 

If he has everything already, what about a hamper pack with lots of delicious treats? Make sure you pick one that you like the sound of and suggest strongly that he shares the treats with you.

Happy socks are a fun stocking filling for the quirky type or the man who likes a little colourful in his life. 


Gifts for the fashionsta

Any male fashionista will love a wardrobe update with new sperry Boatshoes.

A bow tie is a super sweet gift which can be kept for special occasions like weddings and important lunches. The blue and white check look will fit the fashionable vibes.

Ted Baker’s tie is a sleek addition to the wardrobe for racing weeks and important meetings in the office.

A Timex watch is something which the fashion conscious love to wear on weekends. The colourful watch band makes a statement and can be paired easily with more neutral colours in the wardrobe.

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