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How I get that work life balance

Ask Anna / Health & Fitness
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After a great summer break it was back to the office for me yesterday. Going back to work with a few fresh wardrobe staples, new stationary and a little summer glow sure does feel good. After the holidays, I always remind myself to try to work a few key lessons into my life. I guess that starting back fresh is important because I like to get into positive habits for the New Year. While these three rules can be easier said than done, I find them useful to try to stick to when heading back to the 9am- 5pm grind. How do you manage the work life balance?

Separate work and personal life

For me this means being focused on my work as lawyer and keeping my personal life admin at bay when I need to be focused. It is so true that you really need to dedicate time towards your goals to achieve them but you can’t multitask so much that you loose sight of what you really need to do. Of course there is an overlap sometimes but you should always try your best to dedicate yourself to the task at hand so you are not feeling “all over the shop”. I find writing to-do lists and categorising these tasks into priorities works wonders when I need to power through a million tasks.

Put time into yourself

We all try to squeeze in multiple post work activities to get everything done during the week from to catching up with friends, visiting family and doing the household chores. Scheduling in time for yourself is also super important because you are the only one who can put yourself first. A smile is the best accessory a girl can have and a natural one is never forgotten. The confidence and inner glow is a result from finding time for yourself and being able to feel at ease with who you are. I always feel a huge difference in how I feel in Jan compared to the state I felt in during the December rush hour.

Not sidelining your health

It doesn’t need to be training for a major marathon, but keeping in mind your exercise and trying to eat well works wonders for your confidence and own sense of wellbeing. Heading back to work and the long hours can sometimes cause us to want to give up and take the less-healthy route. A lot my readers comment about the difficulties of coping with post work drinks and long work lunches when trying to balance their health regime. Socialising at work doesn’t need to be the end of your health commitments, it should all come into a balance together by mapping out your diary and ensuring you put time in for exercise, healthy food shopping and of course socialising with friends and workmates.

A work life balance is super important to me because I’m a hard worker but I know the power of having a good balance in my life.

If your 9-5pm job allows for a bit of colour and creativity, I’m loving these blush pieces and the polk-a-dot dress. If you work is a more corporate like mine, you might have to wait for the weekend to sport these cute pieces (1 day to go – woopee!).


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  • Anna says:

    Thank you for reinforcing how crucial it is to put time aside for yourself! This is my goal this year as I was “all over the shop” in 2016.

    Wishing you all the best for 2017!

    Your admirer,


    • annaheinrich annaheinrich says:

      Aw 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, so important to remind ourselves about keeping balance. Let me know how you go X

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