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I cannot wait to send you some extra LOVE each and every month! From my favourite fashion trends, amazing recipes, fun adventures you may wish to embark on, advice on how more love into Your life and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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10 Festive Dresses (under $200)

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With only a few weeks of 2017 remaining (woo), this is the time of the year when the celebrations go wild (and yes – this calls for the perfect dress)!

During the festive season, it can be easy to blow the budget with Christmas shopping, outings and holiday planning. As a result – the piggy bank can start to look a little empty.

Of course, I’m all about buying quality (and sometimes costly) pieces when it is for a special occasion. However, during the highly social periods of the year, I know the value of having some reasonably-priced party staples on hand too. When you’ve got back-to-back events and Christmas parties galore – bargain pieces will become your new best friend.

I’ve culled my favourite 10 dresses which fall under $200. Surprisingly, we are spoilt for choice this season with so many great options to fit even a limited budget.

At the end of the day, you just need some fun and festive options to see you through the rest of 2017. I’m loving the billowy shapes and funky cuts on these babies. Jazz the outfit up with some delicate heels or pop on some statements earrings for a bit more ooomph.

I love having easy to throw-on pieces for family lunches, dates with Tim and even nights out with the girls. Be careful to get your hot hands on these quickly because they usually sell out fast. Which ones are your fave?

Have some moola left over for something a little more luxe or celebrating a special occasion? For my 31st birthday celebrations I wore We are Kindred dress and Tony Bianco heels.


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