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I cannot wait to send you some extra LOVE each and every month! From my favourite fashion trends, amazing recipes, fun adventures you may wish to embark on, advice on how more love into Your life and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

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I really want to add to your love pool and share what I love with you - like the latest in my favourite fashion trends that you may also love, the best travel adventures you may want to embark on too, where and what I love to eat and so much more, as well as some special offers that I only share with my community of lovers! Want in?

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Spot the trend: Polka dots

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Polka dots are having a major moment this summer. A lot of us would be familiar with the trend from when we were younger. I can dig up countless baby photos dressed in polka dot tops, skirts, dresses and matching headbands.

The dots are back on trend, featuring on mini dresses, voluminous spotty sleeves and even swimwear.

So where did the spots resurgence come from?  The spots began sashaying down the fashion catwalks and quickly became part of many blogger’s favourite street style looks. The cheeky spots have even made a mark in my own wardrobe and my insta feed is often filled with the fun loving spots:  

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So how do you add playful polka dots into your wardrobe without vibing a Dalmatian? Take inspiration from my favourite fashion pieces below and stick to styling the statement spots in a simple colour palette.

 I prefer the navy, blue, black and white for everyday pieces. Mix this in with block colours and you’re good to go. 

I’d stick to the same size spots if you are going to rock the double polka dot look. 

You can even rock the spots at the beach with these super cute swimsutis!

Finish the look with some edgy accessories to toughen up the uber-feminine print.

Which spotty pieces do you love? 



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