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European Vacay Must-Haves

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I’m still having withdrawals following our amazing European trip. Tim and I tied the knot in Europe over a month ago. There were so many great memories from our big day. Italy was just stunning in every way and our mate moon in Turkey was lots of fun!

The European summer continues to heat up according to what I’m seeing on Insta.

Since I wasn’t the only one with Europe on my agenda this year so I’ve curated some helpful items for anyone else heading off for a summery vacation. These are the top four items you must take when heading aboard to the northern hemisphere.


This is a must: Mini iron. We bought one the day before we left and it was the best item we brought over. They are extremely cheap – you can find some great ones for under $35 and I even spotted some under $10 (that’s totally less than an aperol!)..

Most places in Europe don’t have irons in the room and you have to get your clothes professionally pressed which can cost up to $30/item. We used it everyday and would have saved hundreds of dollars. I’ve always been big on making sure my clothes look clean and tidy, so this made life so much easier.


A cute pair white sneakers which will get you from A to B. They are still all the rage in Australia and in Europe so there are plenty of great styles to pack in your suitcase or to purchase as a holiday souvenir. What I love about them is that you can dress them up if you’re heading out in a cute dress or accessoring with a bit of bling on your belt and earrings. Being sneakers, they are also excellent to dress down with a pair of denim  shorts or a cute day dress. I would have almost worn my sneakers at least 3/4 of the time I was away. Make sure you get a fresh pair that you can dress up and that you like wearing. There is nothing worse than taking a pair of shoes away with you and feeling like they “don’t go” with the items you packed. I’d recommend wearing them a few times before you leave so you don’t get blisters after a whole day of exploring the sights in Europe.

I have the below and am always rotating between each pair:


A bag that goes with everything is a MUST. Like the above, you need a bag that you can take out daily that is secure and big enough to fit the essentials.  This is the one I took with me. It can be tempting to take a really small bag, but I like a bag which I can fit my purse, some gloss and my phone into.


A lot of the time we were out in the sun for most of the day – walking, reading by the pool, lunching and shopping the streets of Europe. A hat is another must for me because I’m careful not to damage my skin. If you choose a hat you like, you’ll be happy to add that bit of extra glam to your outfit so make sure if fits your head.I wore this one by Sarah J Curtis.  I also try to pick one which won’t get crushed and ruined when travelling between destinations. I ended up carrying mine on the plane with me – A girl’s gotto do (what a girl’s gotto do).

Hope that helps with your summer packing! Stay tuned on the blog as I’m also going to share to share my tips for any jetsetters headings to Puglia.

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  • Avatar Lesley Landmark says:

    great following you guys you really created some great memories to be Cherished for ever and those tips are very useful.
    loved the bag and hat in particular. keep the great pics Comingxx

  • Avatar Jamie Battersby says:

    Thank you Anna. I am visiting my mum in ireland next year and will hopefully see france as well. Great tips i find it hard to carry water if it doesn’t fit in your bag so im thinking of getting clip on pouches. Xo jamie

  • Avatar Cettina says:

    Yes Puglia pls! Can’t wait!
    As my nationality is of iitalian background i have been going every year from the age of 2. Now been married 20 years & have gone every year for the past 22 years. Just got back & missing like crazy!
    I pretty much packed what you suggested minus the iron. But will sure get my hands on one!

  • Avatar Sonia rubano says:

    You are so stylish and i have travelled a bit over time but will def use these tips!! Thankyou gotheous xx 😘
    Lots of love Sonia (sassy & Chic design)

  • Avatar Sandy says:

    I am heading to Europe next month……..thank you beautiful Anna! Fab idea to share your vacay tips! 🌸
    Sandy x


  • Avatar Jody Edhouse says:

    Thanks Anna, my husba &i are head off on our fi europea holid, these tip are Very help.
    Regards Jody

  • Avatar Jody Edhouse says:

    Hi Anna, my husband & i are heading to europe fo the first time. Thanks so much for your helpful tips.
    Regards Jody

  • Avatar Bec says:

    Thanks for the advice! Your trip looked amazing! I would like to know where you got your basics from? We are off to Italy and Nice and i still havent Finished Shopping or even Started packing haha

  • Avatar Cheryl Robinson says:

    Great little Tips and I enjoyed reading.x

  • Avatar Cathryn Park says:

    Lol! I have been in the UK and made our way down through Europe at the moment and i bought a mini iron before i left. I ended up leaving it at home and thought it was a good decision as there were irons in all my accommodation. UNTIL i arrived in the lower parts Of Europe and yes i regret Not bringing it now 😕 big yes to the white sneakers and small handbag 🙌

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